Microsoft Project Companion Products

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Project Reporter is an innovative tool that automatically generates web-based project status reports, using files created with Microsoft(R) Project(TM).
Project Reporter makes it easy and cost-effective to share project information with team members and project stakeholders, in an accessible format and without requiring special-purpose software.
Project Reporter is designed for ease of use, both by project administrators and end users. On a typical office Intranet, you can install Project Reporter and have your projects on the web in half an hour. Viewing reports is easy - simply use the interactive Gantt chart applet to navigate through a project, and follow the hyperlinks to find the information you need.

Pacific Edge Software

Project Office provides a simple way to initiate and track resource information across the organization. All information is maintained in a central database, so whether you enter updates using Project Office or Microsoft Project, the changes are reflected instantly across the organization.  It is a highly flexible and powerful system able to meet the most demanding needs.
Project Office Express
is a web based system to report on the Project's database and enter time sheets.

Critical Tools Inc

WBS Chart for Project is a MS Project add-on product that allows you to plan and display your projects in a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) view.  Create your projects in a "top-down" diagram and transfer this to MS Project or display existing MS Project plans in a WBS chart. 
PERT Chart EXPERT is another MS Project add-on that produces PERT charts directly from your MS Project plans.  Create timescaled, grouped (banded) and filtered PERT charts from your existing projects.  Both products work seamlessly with MS Project 4.0, 4.1, 98 and greater. 

Advanced Management Solutions, Inc.


AMS REALTIME is an integrated suite of software offering project and programme management, resource management, cost management and timesheets.
AMS REALTIME supports organisation's needs to have the right people in the
right place at the right time, providing visibility of the status of all work across the organisation. This visibility gives key people the insight to make informed decisions.
AMS REALTIME includes sophisticated integration with Microsoft Project offering:
* consolidation and summarisation of all project data
* shared resources across the organisation
* timesheets for tracking status and estimates to complete on all project
and non-project work

Natara Software, Inc.

Project@Hand(tm): Professionals looking for a solution that allows you to take Microsoft Project 98 projects with you into meetings or as you collect updates to tasks will appreciate the convenience of Natara's Project@Hand(tm) project management application for the Palm Computing platform. For the first time, a true one step synchronization between your handheld and Microsoft Project 98.

Smith & Associates


SCRAM adds high-end risk analysis functionality to MS Project, including Monte Carlo simulation, probabilistic branching, trend analysis, cost risk analysis, near-critical paths calculation, and many other powerful analysis features. SCRAM can generate reports on any task in the schedule and create comprehensive reports in Excel and Project that locate all areas of potential schedule and cost risk.  
is a pre-processor for Deltek’s Risk+© that functions with Project to identify common issues preventing Risk+© from operating properly.  PRAC also corrects problems and lists additional actions to improve the quality of the Risk+ © outputs using the Project data.   

Tara Software

Tara Software. Industry leader in client server & web-based project productivity, time & expense software. It interfaces with MS project. 
It can be found at There is a free version to use on this site.

Integrated Management Associates.


Scheduler Manager(TM) provide the user with various tools to aid in the arduous responsibility of scheduling the tasks of a project. Exercise What-if scenarios, construct critical and critical chain buffers.
Audit provides a means to determine adds, deletes, changes and task promotions and demotions in project plans.
Multiple WBS Generator provides a method of generating multiple Work
Breakdown Structures with summaries by classes for reporting.
Visit the web page for more details and screen captures.

Ingeniør og Konsulentfirmaet Per Tendrup

SUCCESSIVE VISION (TM), A Model of Reliable Corporate Planning.
Proactive and Participatory Risk Analysis system, facilitating project appraisal and reliability assurance for project and business planning. A total management Service with: Introduction seminar, software, independent facilitator, system maintenance and customizing.

Kidasa Software Inc.

KIDASA Software, Inc.  (located in Austin, Texas)
Milestones Professional 2000 was released in May 1, 2000.  It's a great companion to Microsoft Project - it generates earned value graphs, milestone charts and many other schedule types in minutes with an easy wizard interface.For more information email


How's-it-going? Multi-Project Management, tracking and documentation system that was awarded a 4-star rating in PM Network Magazine. It is easy to use and it allows you to manage all important project information including complete project plan description, deliverables, issues, changes, costs, and the circulation of project documentation. The MSProject Import Program allows you to easily import your MSProject data and use How's it going?'s superior, flexible single and multi-project status reporting, issue and change management, budget and cost control capabilities, and much more.
Visit to learn more and to download a free 30 day trial demo.


ProSight creates a flexible software application that automates portfolio management for large technology organizations in today's extensive--and sometimes fragmented--companies. The application provides a complete, automated portfolio management solution for all levels of the organization--from graphical investor maps for executive review to the underlying task management systems that support project managers, team leaders, and technology professionals throughout your organization. Designed on an open architecture, ProSight software allows users to leverage the data in Microsoft Project to provide a more definitive picture of all of the projects and initiatives in the pipeline. For more information, visit

Steelray Software
Steelray Project Viewer is the leading Microsoft Project Viewer. 
A survey of Microsoft Project viewers can be found at
Steelray offers all of the core views, but it is more than a viewer; it's the first project navigator for Microsoft Project.  Task names, resource names, and dates can be clicked on to display more detailed views.  Steelray allows you to "surf" a project file in a way that is as easy as surfing the web.  Steelray runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and supports Microsoft Project 98 through the latest version.  Steelray offers a fully-functional trial at



Tenrox Workforce and Project Management Software is an enterprise-scale time and expense tracking, project management, workforce planning, process management, analytics, cost accounting and billing solution - the only PSA based on Microsoft Project; one enterprise database, real time synchronized, and no import export. Tenrox PSA seamlessly integrates with accounting applications (such as Great Plains, Navision, ACCPAC, QuickBooks) and ERPs (such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle), and is Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. The solution includes extensive portfolio management, business intelligence features; and is highly customizable including a powerful SDK. Supports MSDE, SQL, Oracle and DB2.
InterPlan Systems Inc.

eTaskMaker™ Project Estimating System.    eTaskMaker is a unique project estimating system that uses dynamic estimating modules to generate customized project data (task descriptions,durations, resource assignments and predecessor schedule logic) based upon answers to multiple choice and quantitative questions.  Estimates may be exported to Microsoft Project & Microsoft Excel (for cost estimating / bidding). Now you can generate customized, detail project schedules in a fraction of the time it would take to edit static templates.  eTaskMaker estimating modules are customizable and can model the thought process for planning any repetitive project work.
Screenshot :
Product page  :
Contact :
HMS Software


TimeControl is a web-based enterprise timesheet system designed for project environments. TimeControl is designed to link on one side with Microsoft Project through Project Server and with ERP and Finance systems on the other. TimeControl's tremendous flexibility allows it to be implemented in a wide range of environments where its financial controls make it an ideal corporate timesheet and its project links enhance Project to become a financial tool. TimeControl's multiple editions make it suitable for organizations as small as 10 people and as many as 100,000. To see more information on TimeControl go to our Product Page.  For a free trial copy of TimeControl see our Trial Page.
Free Trial:

Product page:

For more information contact: HMS Software -
Afinion AG
Giessenstr. 13
CH-5322 Koblenz

Afinion Project-Viewer - - the web-based viewer for Microsoft Project 98/2000/2002 is the ideal instrument to provide project information enterprise-wide, displayed in the accustomed Gantt view.  The viewer can also read mpp files (Project 98, 2000 and 2002) and SAP PS-data. A Free version is also available.
SAMi 2.0 - the interactive interface between SAP System R/3 Release and Microsoft Project.
SAMI 2.0 is the first BAPI program of the world certified by SAP.
– a tool allowing you to handle and show projects according to your company's structure.
– the ideal tool for short-term manpower planning.
CMD Symphony

CMD Symphony™ is a comprehensive Process Content Management (Best Practices Management) product suite that is built inside Microsoft® Project 2002 Professional, Project Server, STS and Web Access. The Best Practices library is designed to support any type of project such as: IT (Development Methodologies), Marketing Campaigns, Engineering, Event Management, Six Sigma, Capability Maturity Model etc. Organizations can author, customize and publish the knowledge content of the methods from within Microsoft Project. Task descriptions, Roles and Responsibilities, task deliverables, standard examples and templates are all made available via Web Access to all stakeholders. For more information please visit our website: or
send us an email:
Pertmaster Ltd

PROJECT RISK SOFTWARE for Microsoft Project Users - Pertmaster Project Risk software is fast becoming recognised as the de facto standard for schedule risk analysis - Blisteringly fast Monte-Carlo risk analysis, in benchmark tests results are up to 100x faster than its rivals! - Model risks on project duration and costs - Expert modeling of project criticality, sensitivity and cruciality
K-SOL S.r.l.

Project Reader can show the projects created with MSProject.  It enables you to view the project data in the form of Gantt Diagram, Resources Sheet, Task Usage and Resource Usage. 
Project Reader is a windows application which provides a way to read the plan without MSProject,
Xpdient Inc

xpdoffice:  Easy to use online timesheets with components for expense reporting, hr, purchasing, contracting, invoicing and project management. Integrated with MS Project, Peachtree and Quickbooks with a one click synchronizer.
Business Approaches, LLC

Product: WorkAlerts! for Microsoft Project. The only unattended, real-time monitoring of Microsoft Project project plans.  Delivering notification of the right information (critical project information), when it is needed, where it is needed, to who needs it, how they need it.  Flexible and easily customizable to monitor the project information you want and need. For those project and program managers that manage multiple projects simultaneously, your wishes have been filled.  Get out from behind that console and out directing and guiding your projects! Come see for yourself:
Seavus Project Viewer

Seavus Project Viewer, the #1 Microsoft Project Viewer facilitates excellent collaboration in projects where people need to view/share information from project management. It is small and fast standalone desktop application that reads native .mpp file format and does not require previous installation of Microsoft Project®.
Project Viewer offers the same Look&Feel and numerous exceptional features as Microsoft Project®. With the latest version users are able to integrate information and tasks directly into Microsoft® Excel&Outlook
ColumbiaSoft Corporation

Document Locator. Just a right click away from document management.Productivity tools for Project and Microsoft Office: Full document management features within Visio, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, and Outlook. Manage document versions, create templates, request approvals, check-in and checkout documents, and much more.To learn more please visit 
LookAhead Decisions, Inc.

Oasys Scheduler is an advanced resource management tool for Microsoft® Project that optimizes your project’s duration, levels resources, and shows resource conflicts. Oasys Scheduler reduces costs by rescheduling tasks to produce the optimal or close to optimal duration. Oasys Scheduler saves you time by graphically indicating which tasks are contributing to a resource’s overallocation directly on the Gantt Chart view. For each optimized schedule, Oasys Scheduler presents a detailed report showing exactly how many resource conflicts were resolved, the number of leveling delay changes, and the change in project duration. For more information, please visit

Twiddlebit Software

Pocket Plan is a Microsoft Project compatible project planning application for the Pocket PC and Handheld PC. Sync Microsoft Project files with your Pocket PC, update them on your Pocket PC and then transfer them back to your desktop PC. Click here for more info.
Plan for Windows - Plan for Windows can double as a cost effective way of viewing Microsoft Project files, since it can both read and write Microsoft Project files (MSProject 98/2000/2002/2003, MPP, MPD and MPX). Note however that Plan is not just a simple Microsoft Project viewer since you can also update and recalculate the project as well and/or use it as a fully functional independent Project Planner. Click here for more info.
Housatonic Software

Housatonic Microsoft® Project Viewers (HPV for MPP files) are the cost-effective solution for teams who need to view,print and share Microsoft Project files with other team members, project participants, senior management or employees. HPV allows you to view MS Project 98, 2000, 2002, 2003 & 2007 files without Microsoft Project. MS Project files can be viewed directly on your PC or via your Intranet in a standard browser. For a complete list of features and a free demo visit In addition to HPV, Housatonic software offers Microsoft Project programming services for organizations with unique application needs.


Aspose.Project is the .Net project management component which enables you to read and write Project documents without utilizing Microsoft Project

Management Analytics, Inc.
Project Assistant is a stand alone application that integrates MS Project and MS Outlook to create an automated 2-way communication mechanism between team members and project managers. Task owners are notified of tasks they are working on and asked to provide feedback on the current status of that work effort. Task feedback is then consolidated in a central location for easy reporting and tracing back to the project schedule.
Structured Project Management Solutions Ltd

p2msp is a unique add-in to Microsoft project that integrates best-of-breed structured PM techniques into MS-Project, and is fully compatible with both PRINCE2 in the UK & Europe and PMBok in the USA:  Product based planning using either PBS or WBS approach, with integrated Product Description Forms and reportsRisk Management, from Risk Register and Risk Forms to automated dynamic Risk Mapping. Issue Management for Change Requests, Issues and Off-Specifications.Features include customisable Product and Risk Libraries, and task generation based on a customisable Draft Task Set Library.  Download a free trial today at
Spherical Angle Inc.


cc-Pulse is a COM add-in for Microsoft® Project. cc-Pulse permits the planning, tracking and reporting of projects according to the concepts of Critical Chain Project Management.
cc-MPulse  is a multi-project CCPM add-in module for Microsoft® Project that allows project scheduling across an entire enterprise, based on one or more designated drum resources (pacesetter resources). This multi-project scheduling step is crucial to the complete implementation of the Critical Chain Multi-Project Management Method.
The Looking Glass is a graphical executive information system, and is included in the current release of cc-Pulse
Spherical Angle is a Microsoft Certified Partner and ISV/Software Solutions Provider

RiskyProject is a project planning, quantitative risk management, performance measurement software that project managers can use to plan and implement project with multiple risk and uncertainties. RiskyProject analyzes the project schedule and risk lists together, performs Monte Carlo simulations, and calculates the chance that project will be completed within a given period of time and budget. RiskyProject also determines critical risks and critical tasks, and presents the user with results in formats that are easy to read and understand. Project schedule can be created in RiskyProject or imported from Microsoft® Project. RiskyProject employs Event Chain Methodology to analyze project uncertainties defined by multiple risks. You will find full information about RiskyProject on our web site: Feel free to download 30-day trial version of the software.
Vertex Logic

eManagement PM web-enables Microsoft Project Plans for the team collaboration. It is a server based product, yet extremely simple to install and administer.  Analytics, extensibility and easy administration are distinguishing features of eManagement PM. Download the trial version from
eManagement CM is a product to manage the software changes and upgrades in a large data center where a plan is used to control the upgrades by a team of operators. The change management plan normally uses time scale and requires more control on the task dependency.
ValleySpeak Project Server

ValleySpeak Project Server is a centralized project management software for Small and Medium Businesses which allows them to publish, control and execute projects in real time, while continuing to use Microsoft Project.
Key Benefits
- Integrated Project Management, Issue Tracking and Discussion Forums
- 100% Two Way Integration with Microsoft Project
- 100% Browser managed leading to lower Total Cost of Ownership
- Roles based Dashboard covering the entire organizational portfolio
- Approvals based workflow gives complete control to Project Managers
- Includes Operating System and Database (requires dedicated machine)
Free Download at
Replicon Inc.

Replicon’s flagship product, Web TimeSheet, is the market leading web-based time and expense tracking solution. Web TimeSheet is differentiated by its ease-of-use, flexible configurations, and advanced automation and timesheet functionality.
Web TimeSheet effortlessly integrates with leading Project Management, Accounting, ERP, and Payroll systems including MS Project Standard, Professional, and Server.
Web TimeSheet’s seamless integration with MS Project helps organizations meet increasing customer demands. The integration provides greater visibility into project activity and accurate project costing. Managers can synchronize project and task data between MS Project and Web TimeSheet efficiently and seamlessly and then compare actual hours against estimates to manage projects more efficiently. Click Here to download a free 14-Day Trial of WebTimeSheet.
Palisade @RISK for Project


@RISK for Project is a risk analysis add-in for Microsoft project.  @RISK for Project adds Monte Carlo simulation and advanced modeling capabilities so Project Managers can analyze and account for uncertainty in their project plans.  @RISK for Project integrate seamlessly into Microsoft Project and provide 38 built-in probability distributions.  Account for any risk: task duration, cost, start, effort and more.  Run Monte Carlo and Latin Hypercube simulations.  Probabilistic branching, IF/THEN Conditional logic, correlations, and more.  Online tutorial and 10 day risk free trial.
Oak Associates, Inc.

Ranger®. Now you can use range-based estimating to understand uncertainty on your projects. Ranger®, a new tool from Oak Associates, lets you estimate your project's effort and duration uncertainty. This Add-In for Microsoft Project makes it easy to enter range estimates for both activity work and activity duration. Then click a button, Ranger shows you a bell curve of possible project costs. Click another button and Ranger's Monte Carlo simulation tool displays a range of possible schedule completion dates. Ranger has many other useful tools too. A simple implementation of Earned Value lets you to track your project's progress with certainty.

Pipercove System Analysis by Pipercove Software

Pipercove System Analysis provides a System design tool, version capability, a parts library tool and a Life Cycle Costing template including calculations and reports.

Allocatus Integrates MS Project with Outlook and Notes Calendar or Task List


The Project Group GmbH

TPG PSLink® is the world’s leading product for integrating Microsoft Project with SAP. The product is extensively configurable, enabling it to support clearly defined use cases in project management and accountancy.
TPG ResourceLink - flexible resource updates of Microsoft Project Server.
TPG ProjectLink - easily connecting tasks and information across projects and across companies.
TPG MTA Server - the world’s first milestone trend analysis for Project Server.
TPG TimsheetExtender - detailed time and cost type reporting within Project Web Access.
TPG OLAP-SecurityManager - fast setup of detailed access permissions for OLAP data
More products and information at

DecisionEdge, Inc.


DecisionEdge offers complementary graphics and reporting software designed to help project managers make better business decisions.
- DecisionEdge Suite adds over 100 new charts and reports embedded right within Microsoft Office Project.  With DecisionEdge, you can create customizable multi-project reports about all aspects of your projects to track status, manage resources, keep stakeholders informed, and measure earned value.
- DecisionCharts offers just charts (not reports) at a discounted price.
- DecisonEdge Designer is a developer’s toolkit that can be used to create new charts and reports for specific requirements. DecisionEdge consultants can help you quickly deploy the custom charts and reports you need for better project decisions.

iS*Project MS Project Add-in

Description:  iS*Project is a MS Project add-on which provides extensive task details. Using familiar MS Outlook and MS Project it includes integrated status reporting and a project document library. The Project Manager uses their existing MPP project plan, iS*Project automatically builds a project knowledgebase which is easily accessible from MS Project. Team members use MS Outlook to file status reports, update task details and access the project document library.  No extra steps importing or exporting data. No additional data to prepare, no new tools to learn.



EasyProjectPlan is an Excel project plan template designed for distribution to project team members so they can easily input their tasks, dates and status using a user-friendly interface.  
EasyProjectPlan templates can be imported into Microsoft Project to create instant Gantt Charts and data can be synchronized between both programs. 
Download the DEMO at


EasyTaskSync (Sync Microsoft Project tasks with Outlook)
EasyTaskSync features include:
- Synchronize Microsoft Project tasks with Outlook.
- No installation program required -
EasyTaskSync software is integrated into the project file.
- Flexible single user license (NOT restricted to a single computer).
- No installation program required.
- Email task information directly from Microsoft Project.
- Dynamic
EasyTaskSync Status and Priority columns.
- Post-Sync Reports.
- Multiple Sync methods.
- Outlook tasks are automatically categorized by project plan hierarchy.
- Microsoft Project task number placed in the Outlook task subject.
- Easy to use Admin Screen with password protection.
- Designed by a certified project manager.
Download the DEMO at

Improve project management and increase productivity with Omnisys web parts!
Project OneShot enables a single view of details of multiple projects from Project Server, on a joint time scale.
Probability Impact Matrix is designed to allow site members to view a summary of all risks managed in Risks list in a one centralized place.
More info and evaluation versions

Project Insight Web-Based Project Management Software

Project Insight is the leading mid-market web based project management solution. Project managers can import (and export) existing Microsoft Project files into the web solution for collaboration with project team members. Project Insight also offers:
-Intelligent Project Scheduling just like MSP
-Microsoft Outlook and Office Integration so tasks appear in Outlook and Tasks
-Collaboration and Advanced Document Management
-Powerful Resource Management
-Flexible Reporting and Executive Dashboards
-Time and Expense Tracking
-Templates and Methodologies
-Complete Budgeting and Costing
-Options for customization

Take a tour of the software! -


QuickArrow's on-demand PSA solution provides access to real-time project data including completion percentages, gross margin, remaining engagement hours, budget vs. actual, and profitability analysis - enabling services professionals to make faster, more effective strategic business decisions.  Bi-directional integration with MS Project allows consultants to update MS Project plans directly through QuickArrow, download current MS Project plans from any location with Internet access, and synchronize ‘Physical % Complete’, ‘Actual Work’, and ‘Remaining Work’ between QuickArrow and MS Project.  Project Managers can also automatically staff resources in QuickArrow based on MS Project resources, resource standard rates, start and finish dates, and work.


If you're a Microsoft Project user in need of collaboration, but hesitant to make the Project Server commitment (too expensive, too steep a learning curve) there's the IntelliGantt MSProject Add-In. Work within MS Project Standard or Professional and gain the power of collaborating with SharePoint 2003 or 2007. No server installs needed. Team members only need a web browser. An IntelliGantt out-of-the-box solution.

Empire TIME

Empire TIME is a multi-currency project accounting and tracking software for use by professional services firms, IT and organizations requiring the capture of work information, bill externally or provide internal services on a chargeback basis. Track, analyze time and money spent on projects. Integration to ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics AX as well as Microsoft Project Professional and Project Server 2007.  Empire RESOURCE is an add on product for resource planning and forecasting as well as scheduling specific skills to projects.  

EPM Live

The Publisher for Microsoft Office Project allows Project Managers to collaborate more effectively with their teams by linking Microsoft Office Project to any Windows SharePoint Service 3.0 (WSS) or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS). 


Project2Excel is a reporting and integration tool for Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel. User defined templates provide users the ability to import/export data to/from Excel while retaining the hierarchical structure contained within Microsoft Project. Extended Excel Macro language provided to support hierarchy based calculations in Excel. VBA Source Code Included.
Free sample report output and user guide can be downloaded from the site.
The product cost is $29.95.
Bogdanov Associates

ProjectMeter Gadget - a mini-program intended for tracking actual state of projects, developed for Microsoft Vista operation system and Microsoft EPM 2007. Gadget makes real-time countdown till the planned date of project completion and shows the percentage of project completion.
RealTimeTracker  2007  for Microsoft Project Server allows precise timing of work, performed by employee on certain project tasks. Designed for Windows Vista environment, but is also compatible with Windows XP / Server 2003 environment.
ortfolio Analyzer Extender
 generates multidimensional aggregations of project data stored in Project Server database allowing managers to explore and analyze complex information in simple visual interface.


LiveProject Project Viewer

LiveProject Free Project Viewer: Open and view Microsoft Project MPP files. Full support for MS Project 2000, 2003 and 2007 files. No expiration.
LiveProject Project Collaboration: Collaborate on Microsoft MPP Project Plans with your team. No complicated IT setup needed. LiveProject allows your team members to view your project files in a project viewer. In the viewer, they can edit tasks, add new tasks, and even make deletions. All edits are treated as 'suggestions' that are visible to your entire team. The Manager can accept or reject changes, and update the project plan with just a few clicks. Only managers needs to have MS Project installed. An easy alternative to Microsoft Project Server.

Contact details:

Mr. Israel Green,

ProjectParty Product Manager


Orantech Management Systems.

ProjectParty™- a methodological and technological solution that enables end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management process in your organization

The Challenge

The lack of one unified process or environment that enables a streamlined ALM process.  

The Solution

ProjectParty™ bridges the gap between MS Project Server 2007 and VSTS 2008, enabling a collaborative, integrated and holistic ALM process.


• Many-to-Many relationship in the Gantt / Team Project level

• Many-to-Many relationship in the task / Work Item (WI) level

• VSTS WIs creation in a "push" mode from MS Project

• Progress reports synchronization and aggregation

• WIs hierarchy in VSTS

• Drilldown capabilities - VSTS WIs details in MS Project Server

Thought Croft Pty Ltd

The Project Holiday Import Wizard is a tool for marking national and religious holidays as non-working days in the Microsoft Project base calendars (versions 2002-2007).  The holidays are sourced from the Holiday File installed with Microsoft Outlook, which contains over 8,000 holidays for 88 countries.  If you don't have Outlook installed, the wizard will take you to a page where you can download the file.  The selected holidays are imported into the base calendars of the chosen project plan document or the global template.  The tool is easy to use and best of all, it's free!   project-holiday-import-wizard

IBN Project Management 

IBN Project Management ( – collaborative project management portal. IBN includes a wide range of powerful project management collaborative tools: project planning, upload files, follow the discussions, share a common calendar, and collaborate easier to ensure project success. IBN PM also includes powerful tools for working with MS Project files:
- MS Project Synchronization (allows to switch to MS Project and back without any loss of information)
- MS Project Import/Export tools

Microsoft UK

Project for Workgroups

Microsoft UK is excited to launch the Project for Workgroups solutions. These four partner-built applications deploy pre-configured or configured-to-order Microsoft® Office Project Server solutions that: 

  • Help to improve communication and collaboration on projects, by giving project managers the ability to quickly share project information with everyone on the team
  • Increase ‘time to value’ and provide the security of tested and bug free solutions by using best practices gleaned from numerous past deployments
  • Bring predictability to implementation times and cost, and giving project managers flexible deployment options that speed the realization of ROI

Chronicle Graphics

OnePager Pro is a Microsoft Project add-on that creates one-page timeline snapshots in full color.
Identify your team’s deliverables
·         Show weekly progress to customers
Maximize project planning and RFP responses

TimeArrow integrates with Microsoft Project and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite to create animated graphics that show how a project schedule has changed over time.
Learn from events in previous projects
Visualize the impact of risks
·         Clarify tough choices for course correction
Accelerate dispute resolution

If you need just open Project file, you do not need to install any software. Just go on and open it in browser.  You can also share your Project file with people who do not have Microsoft Project installed. Just upload it on and click File/Share to get a short link you can share.
MOOS Project Viewer
MOOS Project Viewer is a free Microsoft Project viewer available at that can open any MS Project file type (.mpp, .mpt, .mpx, .xml) for any Microsoft Project version (2000, 2003 and 2007). It is running on any Java enabled platform including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and it is the perfect solution for project stakeholders to view the project details in a dynamic way.

Acumen Fuse™

Acumen Fuse™ is a metrics analysis and visualization tool assessing not only schedule, but cost, risk, earned value and project performance as well. Using libraries of metrics, Fuse™ analysis provides a powerful means of pinpointing problematic areas and activities within a project and providing solutions for resolution. makes it easy to share Microsoft Project files with team members, customers, and project stakeholders online, without requiring any software. features interactive, Flash-based, free online Microsoft Project viewer:

Campana & Schott

Campana & Schott is an internationally active consulting company for project management and process optimisation.
CS Connect
- With its CS Connect interface application, Campana & Schott offers a high-performance and cost-effective standard product to integrate Microsoft Project Server and SAP ERP.
CS EPM Extensions:
CS PSR - Powerful project status management incl. historization and trends.
·       CS PME - For the efficient management of complex programs.
·       CS PMD - Business Intelligence for Project Management.
More products and information at  

6D Project Catalyst

Project Catalyst allows you to build, author, customize, assemble, and improve all methodology content including task descriptions, completion guidelines, detailed procedures, roles & responsibilities as well as documents – examples and templates. Project Catalyst is a Methodology and WBS Dictionary product integrated inside Microsoft Project Desktop as well as the Server and SharePoint. Project Catalyst allows organizations to start from minimal to no methodology and capture knowledge and lessons learned from projects - achieve higher levels of process and project maturity.
Project Catalyst Desktop
video and demo:h
Project Management Methodology
Video and Demo:
Project Catalyst EPM

Add-in Express Ltd.

Add-in Express offers toolkits for .NET and Delphi developers that allow advanced customization of all main applications from the Microsoft Office family, including Microsoft Project. With Add-in Express you can quickly create a sophisticated MS Project GUI with traditional custom toolbars as well as ribbons (in Project 2010).  Due to the version-neutral core of Add-in Express, your add-in will work in all Project versions from 2000 to 2010. For more information, please visit
Bespoke Systems Group, LLC

VisiTrend is a MS Project add-in that provides more than 85 charts and reports for project managers.  With VisiTrend, project managers can easily monitor performance trends using Earned Value, Earned Schedule and Agile metrics, track costs, identify critical path tasks and resources, and communicate status to stakeholders more clearly and easily.  VisiTrend incorporates best-practice data visualization techniques in its charts, and provides one-click access to most formatting functions for customization.  Charts and reports are exportable in multiple formats, making them easy to incorporate into documents, websites or emails.


PEP - Project Extension Plus - is a tool developed to measure for consultants, engineers and other professionals. PEP integrates with MS Project creating a new option in its menu, allowing the visualization of the performance of projects using graphs for analysis of value, financial performance and human resource management, and automatically generate the project plan and status reports without leaving the MS Project.


We propose you to save time with our add-ons and reports for Microsoft Office Project or EPM Solutions. Developed in many versions of Microsoft Office Project and EPM (2007, 2010), our add-ons and reports allow you to save time! They can be useful for every IT profiles such as project manager, EPM administrator or PMO. Furthermore, we propose you project management trainings and PMP exam simulator. Discover our products, trial versions and free demos.

Project Scheduling Smart Assistant

Project Scheduling Smart Assistant provides contextual advice based on your actual project plan's strength so you can move forward with peace of mind. Executed during the project, mentoring can be preventive because there is still an opportunity for correction and intervention. Project Scheduling Smart Assistant will identify the project plan’s weaknesses and recommend the proper best practice. Done in real time, Project Scheduling Smart Assistant can detect the troubled areas and identify what may have caused problems. PSSA will propose alternative courses of action that can ensure that the project is re-aligned to achieve its goals.

PlanTogether Software

PlanTogether; a Project Information Directory
PlanTogether links to MS Project, allowing the Project Plan to be ‘imported’ into PlanTogether. PlanTogether improves personal access to the project plan by creating an easy to navigate multi-layered and searchable Gantt chart but it also logs the data created by the activities. The project plan becomes the project log. The plan dictates the tasks, and records the result. PlanTogether is collaborative software, designed for project teams.

Advanced Resource Analytics -
MS Project Automation

QC Project (software) links with MS Project, then AUTOMATICALLY makes corrections.
QC Project’s unique capability to AUTO FIX can save the Project Manager many hours versus manually fixing errors.
Its calculation-intensive analytics allow it to identify (and fix) special errors that aren’t easily identifiable, including:
(a) calculation errors (b) loop-links (c) link fragments (d) out-of-sequence tasks
Manually identifying these particular types of errors is ridiculously (and needlessly) time-consuming.
QC Project enables project plans to be best-practice & trouble-free. Also, the need for expensive training is dramatically reduced.
It is a powerful time-saver, and best-practices trainer for MS Project users.


ProjectCommunicator is a companion product for Microsoft Project. It is designed to present tasks from Microsoft Project in much friendlier views that can be organized and sorted using attributes of the tasks rather simply using the rigid hierarchy you get in Microsoft Project. This software also saves the history of date changes you make in Microsoft Project and allows you to save comments on the progress of each task.
Tap on the Shoulder Software

Tap on the Shoulder is an automatic task reminder system that answers the two questions team members always have: What do I have to do? When do I have to do it? Just before each task is about to start or end, Tap on the Shoulder reads the schedule information in Project and sends a customized email to the responsible team member, noting the task name and all the relevant dates. This Microsoft Project add-in can be used even when team members don't have access to the Project schedule. A demo version is free for the first month.