Notify of Predecessor's Impending Finish

This macro uses Outlook to notify team members when tasks to which they are assigned are about to start based upon the status of that task's predecessor.

A limitation of this macro is that it only notifies your resource if the tasks they are assigned to have predecessors. 

This macro will loop through all tasks in the currently active project.  It will check each one to see if the Percent Complete is => the value specified in IngPercentTHold.  If it is AND the value of Text30 is <> "Sent" then it will assign information to each resource assigned to the successor (if the task has a successor).

REQUIREMENTS--You will want to make sure that:


Big Fat Disclaimer

We do not make any promises about the functionality of this macro. We do  not promise that it will work in all cases. The world is an imperfect place. The functionality of this macro provides a convenience to users but should not be relied upon for the timely completion of a project.

This text file contains the code for the macro. Check it out and customize it as you see fit. Learn from it and make it better if you like. If you make a big improvement let us know so we can let everyone benefit from your talents!