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Updated 15 Jan 08: Rod Gill's web site.

Released in October '06, a book on Project VBA by one of our Project MVPs: Rod Gill. The book teaches you Project VBA by providing a number of powerful and very productive macros and explaining how and why they work. The goal is to make sure you get your money back many times just from the productivity of the macros! The book even provides some Excel VBA macros for reporting on project .mpp files and on multiple projects from Project Server 2003 and 2007.

A second goal is to teach you how to write macros that work now and without problems for as long as possible and to be cheap and easy to maintain. The project VBA book expects that you are either a skilled user of Microsoft Project and want to learn VBA or that you know VBA for another product such as Excel. Visit www.projectvbabook.com for more information.

For a macro that reports on multiple projects, click Multiple Project Reports

To visit Project MVP Rod Gill's site for Project tools click: http://www.project-systems.co.nz/

For a macro that provides email notification, click E-mail Notify.

Here is the link to the macro page of Project MVP, Jack Dahlgren: http://masamiki.com/project/macros.htm

For a macro that changes the case of text in any Textn field, click Case Change.

Microsoft has some Project code samples at this web site:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/code/list/project.asp

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